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I know I'm going to get it for posting a title like that....but whoever you vote for, just vote. 2000's election was decided by 535 votes, so every one counts this year.

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I think bush should be taken out and horse whipped. Hes fucked up everthing in our country and the world. Give Kerry a shot. How can he do any worse?
Its a crime... looks like 4 more years with the war monger. God help us all.
Its an American nightmare. I dont care about political parties and I never will. I think voting for the party rather than the person is ridiculous. I actually supported bush in the beginning. I agreed with hunting terroists in Afganistan but the invasion of Iraq made me sick to my stomach. I was ashamed of "shock and awe". Those words still make me ill. I believe terrorism has probably grown and will continue to grow, because we always stick our nose where it doesnt belong and we piss everybody off. Our support of Isreal also makes me sick. As far as I am concerned they can go straight to hell.

"I" should be allowed to post his thoughts as much as anybody wether you agree with them or not. Who are you to call anybodies thoughts moronic? I think its YOUR rude post thats moronic and should be "discarded"!!

1 - 6 of 80 Posts
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