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Volkish rootedness and DP.....

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I have been reading a fascinating book entitled *THE JUNG CULT* written by Richard Noll.

In this book Noll talks about the many influential circles amongst the intelligentsia of Germany and Central Europe in the late 1800s and early 1900s who espoused the perspective that we are to a certain extent molded by our outer environment even the geological landscape from whence our ancestors sprung. This in part accounts for some of the "cultural" diversity we find among different ethnic groups.

I can't help but wonder how common DP was amongst traditional cultures, where by and large, most of the people were of a more or less common genetic stock and lived close to the earth.

When I think about it I realize that most of my DP/DR occurs when I am in the City. It may be the artificiality of current civilization or perhaps the over stimulation of the seemingly ever increasing levels of social complexity which brings on these states.

I know that I feel much more "rooted" (i.e."real") when I am in contact with the earth.

One of the most powerful memories in the turning point in my recovery from DP, at least from the psychotic like intensity was from years ago was when I was in the State hospital. Much of the Hospital was rather park like with landscaping which included large expanses of lawn. I was staying on an open ward at this time. One day on a sunny afternoon when the lawn had just recently been mowed I dragged my terrified fragmented self onto the back porch of the ward and took off my shoes and socks and walked barefoot upon the freshly mowed green grass in the sunshine. I literally felt life flowing up through my feet into my legs and over my entire body. From then on I ventured a little further into the outer world each day until I finally (after a few months) "uncommitted myself" with the staffs blessings and haven't been back since. Thirty years!

I live in the country side now several miles from the nearest town. I was just thinking that some of you may also benefit by getting away from the city and returning to a more "natural life" and a greater sense of "rootedness" which living in the country may provide.

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It sounds wonderful orlando, I experienced that sensation twice. Once was on LSD and again one sunny day as I lay in the grass next to my dog. Connected doesnt even begin to describe the sensation, part of the whole, everything, however you name it. An energy, i belonged to the :D circuit of life.
That why I know that to dissociate is not the same as the spiritual experiences described by buddhists etc when they describe 'noself'.

I have a wonderful copy of a documet about 'grounding' but i dont remember the details. But this is certainly the way to go, if only I knew how...
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