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I got DP/DR in December and finally it got better in the past months...but lately my mum got diagnosed with cancer and I was very anxious and nervous all the time. My DP/DR was away, but now where she's in hospital it's fully back and stronger than ever. I feel like really nothing is real, I have an extential crisis and my dreams are more realistic than my life and I'm scared I may can't tell the differemce between reality and dreams... I'm also scared I may be delusional..I know how schizophrenic people think (I read too much) and I also get this thoughts "What if someone can read my mind" "Maybe cameras do watch me" I'm still aware that it's not really possible, but maybe I already started to belive in.. Anyway today I was in the bathroom and suddenly I heard my mum (who's in hospital) calling my name & saying something like ofc I don't reply or so... It felt like I was in a dream for a few sec and I was really worried, bc she's not here and I thoughtcfor a sec it's real... It was from somewhere in the house... Was this a first psychotic sign?? Besides that I'm very tired, exhausted and really worried. I'm sure I develope schizophrenia...
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You’re just redlining your systems with stress hormones and lack of sleep - your fears have a way of manifesting physiologically when you are in this state (for you schizophrenia or otherwise going crazy) - but you are not. Real “crazy” people don’t mind their delusions and are usually forced into treatment by loved ones. You’ll be okay, the hard part of your situation is going to be not believing your own fears - but I promise once you get your anxiety under control by educating yourself on your own panic cycle your symptoms will lesson, and eventually disappear - though it will take some time because your body takes time to purge itself of the stress hormone generating your symptoms. Anyone would have a difficult time in your situation and it makes sense if you’re prone to anxiety you’re experiencing it intensely now. Take a breath, and lean on your friends (or this community here if you’re short on friends at the moment.) You will be okay, I promise.
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