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I got DP/DR in December and finally it got better in the past months...but lately my mum got diagnosed with cancer and I was very anxious and nervous all the time. My DP/DR was away, but now where she's in hospital it's fully back and stronger than ever. I feel like really nothing is real, I have an extential crisis and my dreams are more realistic than my life and I'm scared I may can't tell the differemce between reality and dreams... I'm also scared I may be delusional..I know how schizophrenic people think (I read too much) and I also get this thoughts "What if someone can read my mind" "Maybe cameras do watch me" I'm still aware that it's not really possible, but maybe I already started to belive in.. Anyway today I was in the bathroom and suddenly I heard my mum (who's in hospital) calling my name & saying something like ofc I don't reply or so... It felt like I was in a dream for a few sec and I was really worried, bc she's not here and I thoughtcfor a sec it's real... It was from somewhere in the house... Was this a first psychotic sign?? Besides that I'm very tired, exhausted and really worried. I'm sure I develope schizophrenia...
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