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Can we clear this up, i've spent thousands and thank gosh i'll never buy anything than vitamin D (live in a dark place) and omega 3 somewhat of anything, link me to 10 stories that lasted over a year where they fixed anything, if you really think this will cure you, show me, get bloods that show you are low in Iron etc... otherwise I am only trying to help, they aren't medication and most are created by simply eating, sorry but this billion pound waste is usual anecdotal, it was the other things...

Feel free to prove me wrong I won't be here much to argue, i've after years found 1-3 months medications working, 3 years of supplements of every which one (2 draws cycled/tired/wasted). All I am trying to do is not get people down this rabbit hole, use medication or none at all, your choice but don't pin your hopes on basil leaf solving world peace..
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I've always used supplements and there are good ones that help me, but you're right that most will end up gathering dust in a draw! I've been pretty shocked by the prices of brands usually recommended by nutritionists, so it can be a money pit. That's why I recommend looking out for sample packs which are only a few £/$ so you can try things without spending much money.
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