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Does anyone else have problems visualizing things when their DP/DR gets REALLY bad? For example, I close my eyes and try to visualize someone's face, a place I've been, or even some frighteningly vivid dreams I had just the other day, and the image simply doesn't want to materialize in my mind, or if it does, it's like it's full of static or all jumbled up. I KNOW what these things look like, I just can't "see" them anymore. I just noticed it today, and it's really starting to concern me...I'm normally a very "visual" thinker, and my mind is completely blank, like an unplugged TV. I'm just stumbling about (literally) in a complete daze, and I can barely type this post, as none of the keys seem to be where my fingers want them to be. And I'm looking STRAIGHT AT the keyboard (I don't touch-type)!

I went to the ER earlier today, after convincing myself something was seriously physically wrong with me, and the blood tests and CT scan came back clean. Now I'm deathly afraid there's something else wrong, something the tests didn't pick up, and it just keeps getting worse every day. Can DP/DR really get this bad? Could depression or anxiety (which they said I probably have, for about the billionth time) cause such a radical shift in my mental processes? :(

Hi, I am sorry you are going through such a rough time. Dp/Dr really robs us of our life. I can't exactly relate to what you are saying yet I have some similar bizarre visual stuff. It always feels like a brain malfunction and it has to do with visual stuff. They are usually very brief yet very scary and upsetting. I call it visual confusion.

I think it is important to try not to overreact to what you are feeling. I believe in my case that my brain becomes overwhelmed and fifty percent of it shuts down, almost like a computer that is receiving too much data at once. I know it is hard to believe that anxiety, dp/dr could cause such havoc but for me I am at the point that I have had every test and seen so many doctors that I don't know what else it could be except what Janine calls massive anxiety! I do know that when I rest, eat well, exercise, take supplements, and ride the wave of symptoms I do better.

Let us know if you are feeling any better.
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