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Visual snow

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Hi all. I've been sick for a handful of days now and have been sleeping quite a bit.
Prior to getting sick, it felt like I was having a major dp/dr episode.

Anyway, I've been waking up for water/food and then going right back to sleep. Most of my sleep is just a black abyss, but I did have a few dreams.
One dream in particular just occurred and upon waking up something weird happened.....

I remember reading on here about visual snow and thought nothing of it. Well right as I'm waking up and my eyes are still closed a million little multi-colored spots appeared. I opened my eyes and the pattern came and went.
But having now "seen" it I 100% realize it was visual snow.

It's making me wonder If this is something that has always occurred that has just never aroused suspicion in my own mind to be fully acknowledged.

For anyone who has visual snow, when did you first notice it? Can it just appear one day or is there a build up?
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