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visual snow and blood pressure

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I have had a few periods of significant weight loss in my life. I have lost 30lbs or more in less than 5 weeks. I lose the weight by a combination of exercise and calorie restriction. I am also being treated for high blood pressure. I take a beta blocker and an Ace inhibitor to regulate my blood pressure.

My experience tells me I must have my meds adjusted following a loss of 15lbs because my blood pressure drops significantly. When it is lower than 95/60, I begin to experience visual snow which seems more concentrated in the center of my vision. I can have periods of the snow for hours at a time.

My doctor explained that lower blood flow to the brain is responsible for the snow. We reduced the beta blocker, and the BP is back to 120/65 and the snow is gone for now.
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Hey I'm also getting a few things leading me to believe mine might also be bp related, my head fog, my vs, the certain feelings of numbness.
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