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Very Crazy confused thoughts

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hey people, I'm trying to be brief. I have had the first time dpdr 2011 after a grass attack. over the years, all the symptoms have crept out and I was symptom-free until December 2019. due to very strong emotional stress, I relapsed, with very severe anxiety. I've been thinking about nothing but going crazy or schizophrenic for two months. meanwhile I feel better can even work 2 times a week and do something with friends and I sleep well. even if the dpdr kicks in full. but what concerns me is that I sometimes feel totally funny so crazy feelings and my thoughts get totally confused. I suddenly think 10 things at once or when I think about a thing I think about 5 ideas at once. Is this perhaps a sign of incipient schizophrenia?
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What is a grass attack, an anaphylactic shock? Having thoughts all mixed up like that can be a sign of schizophrenia or bipolar, but it could also just be a sign that you're anxious or tired.

thanks for your reply

i meant a weed induced panic attack. that translator did wrong
Ah, okay. Weed is a very common trigger of depersonalization.
i know bro.

i had overcame my weed induced dpdr and was fine for 8-9 years until december 2019.

but this time i feel very differently. and those mixed thoughts are sometimes very severe. but if im focused on something they are not like that..
but it could also just be a sign that you're anxious or tired.
how should i know that? i dont get panic attacks. that scares me but at the same time i dont feel that fear really because my emotions are damped.. its very difficult
I don't know. It might not even be due to tiredness to anxiety. Everyone has quirks. I wish I could tell you the causes of your quirks, but I'm not even certain of the causes of mine.
this should be really the most shit thing at life. youre going almost crazy but you dont know what the fuck happens with you..
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