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very confused

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So things were getting better for a couple of weeks now. But seems like im going back into the depersonalized state again. Another note is that I have been dealing with this since February. Ok so the past friday my lucid dreams have been getting really real feeling lately. And its like every time I wake up I feel like im still in the dream. Also throughout the day if I think about the dream I feel the same feelings I had in the dream. Another thing is I think this is all coming back because I have just stayed in bed the past four nights. Before I was going out to the store or out to play pokemon go with my sister. Well now I cant use the car because my mom got promoted at work and she work more days then before and more hours. I just dont know what to do now. Like I just feel tired 24/7, have a headache when I wake up, scared to sleep, and feel like im in the dream I just had or in another universe. Another thing is that I feel like I forgot what I did earlier in the day but I can tell you everything I did or everything that happened that day but I still feel confused.
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