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It feels like my world is flat. I don't connect to my body. I constantly question if I'm really here, or if this is all just a dream. I question my existence and why we are here. I wonder how I keep doing things when I feel so detached from my body. It really freaks me out when I think about what I am doing and how I am this consciousness inside of a body going about my day, and it feels so hard to put into words this experience. Will it ever stop? I wish I could know, although I don't know what difference it makes. Either way I have to keep going and reaching out. I want to go back to feeling normal again. It's so frusterating and confusing and scary, and sometimes feels so unfair! I feel like I'm a good person, so why this torture? I don't want to go crazy, to feel crazy, or to fear that I'm going crazy anymore. No matter how much I tell myself I'm not... I just can't believe it 100% when I question my existence all day long no matter what I'm doing or how much I try to distract myself. Man it sucks.. and I hope there is some great big reward for having experienced this because we all deserve it.

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it sure does suck!
sorry cat that life is so difficult right now.
None of us has a crystal ball so who knows a new year is about to begin,a better life could be just around the corner.
Things will change they always do,you can bet on it.
Maybe it will be only be a small improvement to start with.

Wishing you all the best,hoping that you can find even a little joy here and there.
Sometimes as bad as it is,we might have to make a huge effort and try and focus on some of the good things in our life as insignificant as they might seem.
How about nature, does it help at all?a good book or movie?
listening to your favourite music,doing art work or anything creative,a laugh with a mate,hanging out with your pet,a hot bubble bath, a slow walk on the beach or in the park.
Just Shelly
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