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Various weird, worrying symptoms

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Hey guys I did post something a bit similar a while back but some things feel a bit different.
Basically im concerned because lately:

-Ive been having weird paranoid/non logical thoughts that deep down I know arent true but feel persuasive and try to reel me in. These are often things that im am aware schizophrenics become deluded by, e.g the goverment are observing me < I know its not true at all but Its very hard to shake the idea and I start considering (not to a very serious degree).

- In the past few months Ive had some bad anxiety surrounding all the wierd thoughts/feelings and I really felt I was on the brink of insanity despite being able to live normally and do all the things I normally do. Now however Ive started to feel more normal about these symptoms and they dont worry me or feel wierd, this concerns me because I feel like this means im actually going crazy.

- I just feel like I have nothing much to say about anything, not like I dont want to talk to people because I enjoy having good conversations with friends and family but its just like I have strangely little to bring up at all and feel so empty and blank minded.

I just feel like im losing insight these things which gets me concerned about psychosis/schizophrenia and all that stuff. I say concerned because I dont actually feel worry or anxiety :/ I have no reaction to it at all I just have an awareness that these things are bad and that I dont really want them to happen. kinda like I dont care about anything at all right now and have the same reaction to pretty much everything.

Feedback would be so much appreciated. Thanks
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Have any of you been diagnosed with dp or something similar? Im waiting for my psych to make a diagnosis
Fuck, found these symptoms of prodromal schizophrenia which really apply to me right now
- losing interest and motivation in life and activities, including relationships and sex

-lack of concentration, not wanting to leave the house and changes in sleeping patterns

-being less likely to initiate conversations and feeling uncomfortable with people, or feeling there is nothing to say

It says these symptoms appear a few years before the onset of schizophrenia.
1. loss of interest or lack of motivation
2. trouble thinking clearly
3. changes in sleeping or eating patterns
4. less concern with appearance or clothes
5. feeling suspicious of others
6. feeling like things are unreal

7. changes in perception
8. unusual thoughts
9. odd behavior
10. social withdrawal

^ those numbered symptoms are from about early symptoms you should be concerned about

Ive been expiriencing 1,2,3,4 a bit of 5, lots of 6, some 7, lots 8 but no real 9 or 10. This is pretty fucked :S
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Thanks for the replies, my psychologist is going to sum up my case and get the opinion of 9 other professionals before diagnosing me with something. She is going to consider schizophrenia seriously in this process because of my concerns/ symptoms
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