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I keep posting this, and I think it should be placed at the top of the forum.

If you see spam, a troll, or are being harassed by someone, you can REPORT this and the admins will get back to it more quickly than if you post on the board. Also, once a troll is reported, it is easier to delete that individual simply, vs. searching throught the forums.

Help out the admins:

1. Look at the lower right corner of a post.

2. It says "Report" "MultiQuote" and "Quote" -- "Report" is more faint, but it is a button to use when needed!

3. Simply hit the "Report Button", write "spam" or "harassing me" etc. Just a few words. Follow the instructions and then submit.

If everone polices the board it makes it so much easier for the Admins.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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