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Anyone familiar with this brilliant sketch comedy show? It initially began airing on Comedy Central in 1998, only to eventually succumb to the ill-fated syndrome the most brilliant of shows often find themselves sick with. It's probably my favorite sketch comedy ever, and I like a lot: Mr. Show, SNL, Kids in the Hall, etc... One advantage it has over others of its type is that it is all filmed, so it's not live, and there is no laughtrack. Because of this, they really have all sorts of advantages; superior acting, timing; the ability to add cinematography and especially editing to great effect... I read a good customer review @, quoting that if an alien race caught hold of this show, it would be the greatest representation of Human comedy. Maybe that's a little much, but it's not too far off.

Just wondering who has seen this uproarious show? I only bring it up because I was near-high from laughter after watching it earlier.

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