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I made my first post a few months back describing my experience with cannabis induced DPDR.
It has now been five months, and things have not gotten much better.
I did see a psychiatrist, although he seems unfamiliar with the disorder. As he just thinks I have a combination of depression and anxiety. He did prescribe me with the SNRI Effexor, while it did make me less depressed, I don't think that it helped with any of my dissociative symptoms. The medication actually made me feel a bit like a zombie. For that reason, I decided to stop taking it. In my discontinuation, I experienced the first few tiny bits of emotions that I have felt in a while... it was amazing. For two days, I felt okay.
Anyways, I will be going back to see my psychiatrist soon, asking to be prescribed a benzodiazepine, hopefully Clonazepam. I was given a low dose prescription of Xanax once previously to help me get through starting a previous SSRI. Although, I did not stay on it long due to its side effects, which is why I only mentioned the Effexor above. However, that Xanax was the only thing that ever made me feel any emotion.
I think that I may also seek out a neurological exam, I know that there is probably nothing wrong with my brain. However, in my heart I hope that there is something wrong. Which sounds weird, but it would be an actual neurological explanation, and one that may be treatable. Especially since I have been having a lot of memory problems as of late.
I will post any updates in the comments of this discussion.
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