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I used to post on these forums often. Ive kind of moved on with my life. I still have DPDR. I really dont know if that will ever change. Im 22 and ive been experiencing this weird condition since i was 16. Ive fully come to terms with it but that doesnt mean it doesnt annoy me at times. Theres days where I really just want to end it all, as bad as that sounds. But I know im strong and I need to keep pushing on. Im seeing a psychiatrist for the first time in awhile this week. I plan on encouraging them to put me on Lamictal+SSRI, as Ive read good things, and if it doesnt eradicate the symptoms entirely, a noticable reduction would be great. In a sense Ive kind of written off advice like "dont think about it, itll go away on its own" or other advice encouraging a healthy diet, distraction and exercise. Ive tried all that with only very slightly temporary relief. Ive just felt like ive kind of exhausted my options even though I havent tried much. I wont lie I tend to be a more cynical, depressed person. If anyone has any reccomendations or anything, please feel free to share.
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