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Hey guys! I haven't posted anything on here in a while, but today was an unusual day for my DP and I'm posting this in hopes that it might help someone on their road to recovery. I have steadily been increasing Zoloft up to 150mg, and have been on this dosage for a few months now. The DP had not gotten any better, although my anxiety significantly decreased to practically zero. I've been in a nowhere state. No anxiety, no emotions, no existence. This particular week though has been interesting. I am running low on Zoloft and my next appointment isn't for another two weeks, so I only took 100mg yesterday and none today. I kind of just wanted to see what would happen. Surprisingly about half an hour ago, I began to feel less DP'd than I have in months. I'm still not all there, but it was a noticeable difference. Now to be clear, I'm not suggesting that anyone suddenly stop taking an antidepressant. In fact, I can slightly feel some anxiety I haven't felt in a while also. But I just want this to be a reminder to everyone: DO NOT GET SO COMFORTABLE ON A CERTAIN DOSAGE that you stop trying to improve your condition. Yes it's great if you found a dosage that works for you enough to make you an acceptable member of society. But DO NOT SETTLE for that. Keep experimenting, keep taking care of yourself, and keep fighting to get rid of this monster! Many have done it and so can you!
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