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I have had anxiety/stress 24/7 dp/dr for 2 months now. Im a 14 year old male. And today was my first day back at school. It was nice to see my friends. I felt happy for the first time in a while. And sometimes i wasnt even thinking about the dp/dr but definetly felt it.

Anyway. Ive always loved cars and especially motorcycles. Is it possible to drive with dp? I cant get my permit for another year. And will hopefully be out of this state by then but i am prepared for the worst. So does anyone drive with dp? Or ride motorcycles? I feel like the wind on your face on a motorcycle might help? But im no expert.
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From my experience, it shouldn't be any kind of worry at all - even with the most severe DP.

On the other hand, some people here have reported problems with driving, but my impression is that is extremely uncommon. Maybe those cases are people with severe anxiety that get easily freaked out over DR. Of course everyone's different.
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