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I've been trying to keep things in perspective...but somehow I just don't seem to be able to all of the time....I know I can and I do but then I just slip into this little place where it's nothing but painful!!!! I know my DP/DR is a symptom of my condition. Recently I've been thinkin' about how unfair it is that I simply ended up worse off when I went on meds to try and help the DP/DR and have ended up with seizures. It's so hard cos I'm strugglin' with gettin a proper diagnosis for my seizures(which in a % of people don't show up on tests) and it's making me depressed cos I am not currently getting the right help....I just get all impatient though I try not to be....I know what's happened and I know when everything happened...No matter how I try and keep things in perspective though it just feels things are moving so slowly and it's affecting me cos I wanna get on with my life but cos the diagnostic is gonna go on for I don't know how just sends me right back into this mental oblivion of doubt and frustration. I try so hard not to dwell on it but somehow it keeps creepin' up on me....I'm like a yo-yo-up and down up and down.... Have been referred to a new specialist who should hopefully help but I've even been thinking about taking it to court to get a proper diagnosis...I know some people will dismiss conditions as others but I know what is happenin and I don't wanna fade out.....
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