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Unsure about myself

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Hi. I am not diagnosed with DP, but I have anxiety and it is sort of a secondary symptom. It really varies; when I was younger, I would have short, incredibly intense episodes which i called "third person mode". Since being on medication for depression and anxiety, I haven't really been dealing with that magnitude. However, I spend large amounts of my day in a sort of... fuzzy state. I know who I am and where I am but things just feel a little off. I often compare this feeling to being in a parallel universe or a TV show. For the most part I feel "real", but I almost feel like I'm not here all of the way. Can someone help me out? Is this connected to depersonalization or is it something else? A side effect from my meds? I have experienced three "levels" or types of depersonalization/derealization/dissociation. First, this state I am in now. I'm here, but things are a little far off. A little fuzzy. Second is the "third person mode", which used to happen in episodes of anywhere from a minute to an hour. That felt like I was sitting in a dark room soewhere far away playing a videogame of my life. Lastly, the final type has only happened a few times, but essentially what it entails is, I will be doing something, "black out" and realize that some large amount of time went by where I wasn't in my body. Like, 0 memory or idea of what happened, but I keep functioning normally on the outside. Basically, can you help me with defining these states? I really appreciate it. <3
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