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I hope its legal to plug a book on this board. I asked my sister to read this book as she has spent most of her life with major anxiety disorders and kind of wanted to see if she could relate to my dp/dr. I am have kind of a conundrum to my family, for all of them suffer from chronic and sometimes debilitating anxiety but not from dp/dr. And they all have managed very successful careers despite their maladies. Me, I have been forced to work outside and have bounced around a bit. I have never been able to relate to them about the dp/dr. Recently it came to a head with my brother and me, maybe because he feels if he can do it with the anxiety then I can too. Anyway, my sister read the book and for the first time in our relationship she understood my experience because she could relate to the dp/dr symptoms of her panic attacks. She claims the author spelled it out very well as a sufferer (former) herself and made this very effective in my sisters understanding. I felt pretty relieved over this, for I knew there was a gap in understanding between us. Anyway, she called me to ask permission to get another book sent to my brother in hopes he can understand as well in hopes of mending our soured relationship.

So Mrs. Baker, I put three books (just in my family) on the publishers accounting list and a few bucks in your pocket, but you may have given me new life with my family. And that would be priceless. Thank you.

Awww.....well, that is fantastic. You made my night. We all need to be understood, and if that takes SEVERAL of us to describe this horrible set of symptoms, so be it. Your family sounds terrific.


and sc is correct (single, and well...I am looking only because sc is still married) :wink:
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