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Uni-G's recent psych visit

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Heya... felt like sharing some stuff...

I recently went to the psych for some testing. When I got there, the psychiatrist told me "we are investigating a possible psychosis...maybe schizophrenia"!!!!!!!! Schizophrenia?!?!?!?! I was surprised to hear that word. Before I go to most of my appointments nowadays I usually drop of a copy of Daphne Simeon's latest DP paper, this psych included. I told her I disagree with the whole psychosis thing and me, telling her I strongly feel I have DP. Her response? "Some people try to promote certain disorders..." I couldn't believe my ears, once again. I was initially confused at her response but later realized she does not believe DP exists. Has anyone else had this experience?

As for the psychosis, I have a hard time understanding why this has been proposed. Of course, hearing the word schizophrenia disturbed me and I am having a difficult time getting over it. As far as I've read, those with a psychosis cannot differentiate reality from unreality. I, on the other hand, can. I feel like people are looking at me, when in fact I know they are not. I feel like people are laughing at me, when in fact I know they are not. What bothers me is that those with social anxiety also experiences this. (of course I also experience DP symptoms) I feel the psychs have focused on certain symptoms of mine and ignored others.

You may wonder why I care what 'they' call it... Well, I know I shouldn't, as long as these titles do me no harm. But it is difficult feeling like the psychiatrists are not on my side.
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thanks to everyone who replied to my post. i feel better about it now.
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