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Uni-G's recent psych visit

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Heya... felt like sharing some stuff...

I recently went to the psych for some testing. When I got there, the psychiatrist told me "we are investigating a possible psychosis...maybe schizophrenia"!!!!!!!! Schizophrenia?!?!?!?! I was surprised to hear that word. Before I go to most of my appointments nowadays I usually drop of a copy of Daphne Simeon's latest DP paper, this psych included. I told her I disagree with the whole psychosis thing and me, telling her I strongly feel I have DP. Her response? "Some people try to promote certain disorders..." I couldn't believe my ears, once again. I was initially confused at her response but later realized she does not believe DP exists. Has anyone else had this experience?

As for the psychosis, I have a hard time understanding why this has been proposed. Of course, hearing the word schizophrenia disturbed me and I am having a difficult time getting over it. As far as I've read, those with a psychosis cannot differentiate reality from unreality. I, on the other hand, can. I feel like people are looking at me, when in fact I know they are not. I feel like people are laughing at me, when in fact I know they are not. What bothers me is that those with social anxiety also experiences this. (of course I also experience DP symptoms) I feel the psychs have focused on certain symptoms of mine and ignored others.

You may wonder why I care what 'they' call it... Well, I know I shouldn't, as long as these titles do me no harm. But it is difficult feeling like the psychiatrists are not on my side.
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Unigirl, you're not schizophrenic. My mom is a psychiatric nurse and some doctors latch on to one diagnosis and want to label everyone with it. At her last hospital they wanted to label everyone schizophrenic. At her present hospital they like to label people bipolar. When I started having panic attacks she was working at her last hospital and I saw a psychiatrist from there and when I described my panic attacks to him and tried to describe derealization he said, "Are you hearing voices?" Sounds innocent enough, but he wasn't listening to anything I was telling him. One minute he was telling me it's just depression, the next asking me questions trying to find out if I'm schizophrenic. And it was so clear it was textbook Panic Disorder. And nothing is scarier to a new panic disorder patient than being asked questions by someone thinking they could be schizophrenic.

But I agree with Janine. Psychiatrists are not trained in depth in the area of psychology. Most get a Biology or Chemistry undergraduate degree, then go to regular Medical School and learn about the body, then intern (residency) in ALL fields and do a little bit of training in Psychiatry, then become Psychiatrists.
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