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In a gross oversimplification of the complicated process of emotional, physical and environmental interactions that can leave a person with depersonalization, I?m proposing that the pathway to DP/DR and then the following recovery appears to occur in four stages:

Traumatic Event(s) -> Incidental disassociation -> Prolonged, chronic disassociation -> Recovery

In this thread I?d like to take a moment to analyse the the 3rd item on the list, the chronic long term disassociation and not necessarily at the triggers or recovery methods.

I think it?s safe to say it?s fairly well accepted that the symptom of DR appears to be the result of a coping mechanism initiated by the brain during a traumatic situation in an attempt to protect the individual from the full realization of the unfolding events. I?m guessing that this is a very normal, human phenomenon which is usually only experienced during the time that the individual feels an overwhelming sense of threat.

If disassociation normally only occurs during the course of an event, why does this state of mental and emotional protection; DP/DR last for days and sometimes years after the threatening situation has passed?

Please throw some theories around!
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