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Yes, this question has always puzzled me too. Why do some people seem to get 'stuck' in DR/DP mode, once the initial trigger has been dealt with. Physical scars heal in time, but for some reason sometimes psychological ones don't. It baffles me.

I think over the past year or so most people on this forum agree with the 'stuck in the rut' idea, but why, or how to get out, is a different matter. One thing is for certain; the longer you're in the rut, the harder it is to get out.

Why doesn't DR/DP fade away for everyone, like it did with me ? Am I the only one who's DR faded, but am still left with anxiety and panic ? My mind boggles at how the hell that happened. Perhaps, at a guess - just a guess, that DR/DP for me has only ever raised it's ugly head due to drug abuse, and my recent anxiety and panic (no DR/DP) is due to 'situational' depression/anxiety. But if that's the case, why no DR/DP this time ? I'm truely gratefull, I just don't understand it. At the moment I'm about as screwed up with anxiety and panic as I ever have been, but DR/DP.

Which is why I get the sniff that drug induced DR/DP, and 'other' causes are two different beasts with the same symptoms. Could that be possible ? I mean, you can a headache from being hungover or having a brain tumor....if you see what I mean. I dunno though. People like Rob and Lewis had drug induced DR/DP and they have been going through it for that kind of blows my theory out of the water. Unless, and correct me if I'm wrong guys, that LSD (which you took), because of it's somewhat more traumatic psychological effects makes your kind of DR/DP an another altogether different beast.

I dunno. Maybe I'm complicating things uneccessarily.
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