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understanding depersonalization/derealization disorder spiritually/physically

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hello guys i'm new here
i been on a period of studies on our disorder and here my results ;-)


1-the world and you have been always real its your ability to experience it which is wrong
2-you are not crazy or schizophrenic

3-you are in a state of being a soul with a mind
4-you have free will
5-the self is the meeting of a soul and the body
the soul:piece of god (the people who aren't religous never mind) it can also be described the force and fuel of life and also the power of free will.(the soul and the mind)
the body:the vessel that contain us(soul and mind) and let you experience the outter world(the brain)

let me explain
normal people pattern:soul(you) give order------mind(think it over and decide thenn send informations)-----brain(turn the information into electrical messages)----body(preform the action you wanted and get feelings from it via the same pattern
crazy people pattern soul(keep you alive)------mind(...)-----brain(send electrical messages)----body(preform actions)
depersonalized people pattern: soul(you) scared because you are splitted from the body that you used to function and experience reality and thinking stuff a soul would think like what am i where am i what is life am scared of death)------mind(confused because of the split from the body with anxiety high because the hippocampus isn't there to controle it) brain(dintergration between verbal memory and emotional memory and survival mode)----body(preform everyday actions according to muscle and verbal memory(autopilot))
now to get back to normal you should fix you brain when that happen your mind and soul will connect with your brain and body and then your self will come back ^^

the best integration of brain i would suggest is harris harrington total integration method hope this help ;-)
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