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im fine with your thoughts actually, and its reasonable to an extend. but, for example, people with severe depression can also suffer lifelong from it. but it is never the main theme. „depression is highly likely a lifelong thing.“ is never discussed not in psychiatry and also not in the media. it is believed that depression can be beaten and it is very dependent on the lifestyle and attitude of one patient. and i think it is a similar case when it comes to dpdr.

you mentioned schizophrenia. 33 percent of schizophrenics do have only one psychotic episode. and i dont believe at this statistic that much, the dark figure should be much higher. while the other 33 percent is counted as recurrent, means more than one episode at life, which could be also 2 or 3.

long story short, i believe the vast majority of people recovers from dpdr. just like at depression. and if someone suffers his whole life from depression, this doesnt mean that depression is not curable. that means, that some people have bad luck at life, or maybe, they didnt try hard enough. and i believe there are so many people who got rid of dpdr without seeking any help, so they havent been counted in the statistics.

when it comes to scientific evidence, and what it does prove at all. here is an interesting opinion:
I just had to respond to this by saying: I’m loving this quote with “sense-data” and “reason-judge.” What is it from?
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