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Uncommon symptoms of DP?

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I already have my topic with my dp story with all of these usual symptoms.

But what bothering me is the walking and moving. I usually didn't find to much topic on managing with every day walk.

I feel detached from my legs, like I dont have control over them, especially when I'm walking around people, or anywhere where I'm exposed at sights.

I have this problem before my DP, but never strong like now. I have alwasy been since I was teen a socialy anxious, avoided crowded areas or places where I'm exposed to sights.

I had impaired walk since I was teen, sometimes was okay, sometimes not.
Bit now, in this dp state, like someonee firing with a bullets at my legs, everytime I see people, I just cant control it. It makes me housebound.

Second issue I'm not seeing people often reported is the issue of watching movie of my life constaantly replaying.

I have in my head clips of my entire life, I never previously overthinking of every anxious or embarressing scenes in my life.

I replaying in my head all those embarressing and anxious scenes and conversations in my life 'till I can remember.

Further, I became vulnerable to violent movies, I cant watch horrors or movies with violent because it freeking me out.

I watch movies and I cant follow titles, just staring at movie. Everything loses meaning or depth. I watch tv news and seeing all those dramatic scenes with fire and doesnt get me emotionally, I became completely emotionally numb. Except fear.

Anyone else have this issues?
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The walking thing I really relate to :( if I pay attention to it (being unable to feel my legs or any control over them), I start panicking and dissociating more.

I also can't watch psychological/horror/sci-fi movies which I used to love.
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