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Uncommon symptoms of DP?

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I already have my topic with my dp story with all of these usual symptoms.

But what bothering me is the walking and moving. I usually didn't find to much topic on managing with every day walk.

I feel detached from my legs, like I dont have control over them, especially when I'm walking around people, or anywhere where I'm exposed at sights.

I have this problem before my DP, but never strong like now. I have alwasy been since I was teen a socialy anxious, avoided crowded areas or places where I'm exposed to sights.

I had impaired walk since I was teen, sometimes was okay, sometimes not.
Bit now, in this dp state, like someonee firing with a bullets at my legs, everytime I see people, I just cant control it. It makes me housebound.

Second issue I'm not seeing people often reported is the issue of watching movie of my life constaantly replaying.

I have in my head clips of my entire life, I never previously overthinking of every anxious or embarressing scenes in my life.

I replaying in my head all those embarressing and anxious scenes and conversations in my life 'till I can remember.

Further, I became vulnerable to violent movies, I cant watch horrors or movies with violent because it freeking me out.

I watch movies and I cant follow titles, just staring at movie. Everything loses meaning or depth. I watch tv news and seeing all those dramatic scenes with fire and doesnt get me emotionally, I became completely emotionally numb. Except fear.

Anyone else have this issues?
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Still, I have to say things that I don't see people talking with dp/dr.

My speech is totally blocked and I cant express my thoughts in words, I just say something small, usually a short comment, like I'm kid. Not to mentio n that I cant keep eye contact with everyone.

Socializing, even with family members is difficult. I'm just passive observer, cant participate in conversation.

In coffe bars and elsewhere I dont feel like I'm fitting. Everyone seems confident and everyone seems enjoying their life. I'm feeling like I'm ghost but at same time like everyone observing me and make judments about me.

I was swimming in the sea today, but when I was on the beach I felt such disconnected and started question reality.

I always had existential thoughts and I was a deep believer, but now I dont believe in anything. I'm pshysically alive but not feeling alive. Everything is numbed out except feel of fear and dread. And I'm locked in my head, not present in the moment, stucked in obssessive thought of past what been happening to me.
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I also cant watch any sc-fi or psychological movies because its freaking me out. I loved movies, now everything with mistery is scary.

When I walking alone I have feeling taht everyone is staring at me and I start to lose control over my legs, like someone shooting at me, like electricity going through my body and limbs.

It is feel like my head is just stich to my body, I dont feel it. Almost like I'm floating. This is very disturbing. Sometimes is okay shen I'm with somebody, but when I'm alone its the problem.
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