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Two people in one body...

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I was wondering, I understand the feelings of unreal about oneself and the horrible feelings it brings but does anyone feel like two people in one body? Sometimes I feel my mind is one and have no clue who my body belongs to. Then I feel like I know who I am but a second mind doesn't understand how I walk or talk. These feeling make it hard for me to do things such as, I saw something on T.V. and want to tell someone about it, but I can't get my mouth to open and say it and I get so scared and nervous. I even find it hard to do a simple thing such as a white lie because I feel that second mind thinking "What the hell are you saying?" Whoo, I know it seems weird but just wondering if anyone else gets this. I mostly get it the worst right when I wake up, like its a damn alarm clock saying "I'M STILL HERE!" I also want to say, its been 2 months since I have got this, not the first tme though, but have been pretty good at looking outward and for days just being me, but slip back into these "mind sets", But I know I am getting there! Thank you.
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