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Check out this article.

Although it focuses on Borderline Personaliity Disorder, many of the statements that "womb twin survivors" tend to identify with overlap with depersonalization and dissociation. For example;

All my life I have been pretending to be someone else, and I know it's not my authentic self.

I have a strange irrational feeling that I don't exist, that "I'm not really here".

I have been searching for something all my life but I don't know what it is.

All my life I have felt empty inside.

I feel different from other people.

Deep down I feel alone, even among friends.

I think a lot about death and dying.

I have suffered for a long time from feeling vaguely unwell, as if I am slowly dying.

There are two very different sides to my character.

I have strong, inner imaginary life that I use as a coping mechanism.
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