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Hi everyone :smile:

I've been having DP since 2010 and because it coincided with the removal of my thyroid, I have often wondered if my hormonal problems brought this on. Does anyone else here have hormonal problems? How about problems with the adrenals?

So much of what I read about people with DP talks about childhood trauma- I didn't have any so I can't understand why I would get this.

I don't know if it's really psychological or physical. how could we go from being fine one day to being in this the next day?

I had social anxiety in College but not panic attacks. Started to get this with panic attacks.

Also- IF this happens when people smoke pot- maybe we should look at what happens to our brain when we smoke pot- to figure out what changes to the brain take place when we have DP.

Who has this regardless of anxiety? They say that it's not a disorder on its own if you also have anxiety...

Just trying to understand why we have this.. Thanks!
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