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You should look into a Dysautonomia diagnosis, hyper POTS, or other neurological conditions that causes autonomic dysfunction, especially one with autioimmune pathology.
Depersonalization can often be a symptom of a more complicated neuroligical condition/disease. In fact, I personally think it is that and that only. Not to discourage your efforts here with this tool. Perhaps it will help you cope and reduce stress or something, but maybe check into some of the things mentioned. Check your blood pressure and pulse laying flat first thing in am and then take it again immediately after you stand up. If your blood pressure rockets up or drops real low by comparison to the laying position this could be a sign of pots. If pulse jumps from like 50 to over 100 could be pots. Don't buy so much into the psychological horeshit surrounding this condition. The only reason people end up thinking it has anything to do with that is because the don't have the diagnostic tools to really tell you what is causing the problem. One day they will hopefully. I know its hard to find docs to listen and deal with this stuff mainly cause they dont know enough about it so it's easier to pretend you have a pysch problem, but there are some out there that could maybe help. Takes a lot of patience and time but it could help you uncover what's causing the condition. Unless you spent four years in Iraq or had a major major traumatic event then I really doubt there is anything or than a neuro condition causing your DP. Anyway, that's just my 02. Hope I've been some help. Whatever the case hang in there and let us know if you get any relief from this thing.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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