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So, I've been a member of this forum for a while, and I've frequented the forum when my DP gets really bad and I need reassurance that I'm not going crazy.

Anyway, I've been taking Celexa for about 2 years now, and though it seems to help some w/ the anxiety etc. it's just not been enough. I get in these bouts where I have really existential thinking, surreal feeling, regular panic attacks, and it has just been taking a toll on me. I've been shutting myself inside my apartment with little intention of ever going outside. It's bad enough that I can't get a job because I'm afraid I'll be fired if I end up missing days because of the panic/DP.

To get to my title statement, I'm sick of feeling just 'okay' 'sometimes', so I've been looking to alternative ways to help get rid of my anxiety, or at least learn to manage it so it's not negatively affecting my life so much. One day, I was speaking to a friend about my issues w/ anxiety, and she told me that her father (who is a behavioural optometrist) has also had great success with helping people with their anxiety.

Getting to my point: I went to see this doctor yesterday, and he put this little clamp thing on my ear that was feeding into a computer program, and he said to me, "Relax for 10 minutes, I'll be back." So I sat there for 10 minutes, and just relaxed, or whathaveyou. When he came back, he looked at the computer screen, and began to explain to me what the test was about. He was testing my autonomic nervous system, and the feedback told him/us that my sympathetic nervous system was very active, like overly active, which is the cause of anxiety/panic because, if any of you have researched, the sympathetic nervous system controls your 'fight or flight' response. So basically my 'fight or flight' response is in high gear all the time--thus my anxiety, and if you understand that DPD is a symptom of anxiety/stress then it makes sense why I'm feeling the way I do.

He explained to me that my body is not in "coherence", thus, my anxiety. To become "coherent" he recommended I purchase a devise for my iPhone, that reads my autonomic nervous system as his office computer does, but I could monitor myself at home while doing the breathing exercises that will correct my nervous system into being coherent. He told me he also had problems w/ anxiety/panic and that after doing these techniques he no longer has problems. He's also helped many other people.

I can't lie, I'm a little skeptical, but I am so by nature. I've bought the device he recommended found here at, and I'm going to give it a shot. I will literally do anything to reclaim my life, and if anyone is interested, I will update with my progress and tell you if it helps.

Wish me luck!
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