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Trying Sinemet tommorow.

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Hello dear sufferers,

I had a neurotransmitter test in blood platelets done few months ago.

Serotonine very low
dopamine very low
noradrenaline very low
Gaba : near normal (low)
Glutamate : Normal
Cortisol : very low.

After starting Effexor serotonine was in range and I was feeling a lot better.

All other neurotransmitters where slightly better as well.

Anyway I switched to clomiparmine in order to have a better effect on NA.

Clomiparmine performs similar to Effexor.

So my next task was to lift dopamine which would raise NA as well.

L-tyrosine --> L-tryptophane --> L- Dopa -->dopamine --> Noradrenaline.

I tried Modalfinil 200mg/ day. I could finaly get out of my bed. First time in a year that I wennt to a nightclub and restaurant.

I could clearly see I way lacking dopamine.
Tommorow I will try Sinemet and keep you guy aware.

PS: Be aware that neurotransmitter test in blood platelets gives an indication about what is happening but id not an accurate way to measure neurotransmitters in the brain. Also labs that propose neurotransmitter test in URINE will give you wrong indications because neurotransmitters get altered in Kidneys.
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I didn't know you could test your neurotransmitters levels via a blood test? Why don't all psychiatrists use this? Now it's just prescribing meds based on guessing with a hit or miss result. But yeah, I think modafinil can help a lot of Dp'd people, it increases dopamine, histamine, norepinephrine, orexin, serotonin and increases electric coupling in various cells of the brain but inhibits GABA.
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