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It's been a year and several months that I have been suffering from do work was so so hard last year and I missed so many days of work. But in happy to say that dp cloud has lifted. I've been able to concentrate and he fasinated by things and I feel part of the works. The shift is mostly due to work. I worked last year too but this year I feel more connected. And I'm actually into it. I'm not sure why working is helping me this year except maybe it's a combo of structure and the knowing that these jobs won't leave me like I felt my mother and father did if I didn't do things they way they implicitly wanted.
So feeling btr, relieved and amazed.
It can get btr.

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Oct 03 2016 12:16 PM

This is so great to hear!! I am suffering with existential anxiety and it sucks. Have you ever taking medicines for it?

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Oct 16 2016 01:15 PM

I do take medication. Antidepressants. I think that helps but it isn't the whole story bc I can take medications and still feel very stuck. I think it helps to be in a structured environment that is predicable and that 'one' feels a sense of control over things. Another thing that has helped me is to start listening to what I want and to say them out loud to ppl. It's easy to negate how I feel and this feel further disconnected.

When I was feeling really incapicated this last April my dr put my on Ritalin. It helped me feel more energy and focused but I still suffered fro. The feeling of being disconnected and very sad about it. But it helped a little. I no longer take that though. It worked for me during that period and I would take it again, but I'm feeling better now so lm off that.
Keep trying. Keep staying involved the best way you can.
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