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This should be probably moved to another section -- "General Medical" but I
wanted to see if there can be any discussion about this here. Was
afraid people would miss it.

OK, the biological reductionist strikes again. I'm really not a
biological reductionist, but I find our actions personal and social
are affected by evolution/adaptation. I find this facinating.
Also as sentient beings we do have the ability to modify our
behavior, and this can happen internally and externally with
self-help and with therapy. I do not dispute this.


Hormone May Help Build Trust
Updated 10/17/2005 11:23:22 PM

By Jennifer Warner

(Hope that works. It's WebMD, but it was in the news 12:17 PM 10/18/2005s.)

Oct. 17, 2005 -- A hormone best known for its role in preparing
mothers for motherhood may also help both men and women establish
trusting relationships.

A new study shows male and female mice that lacked a receptor for
the hormone oxytocin had problems establishing trust and
normal social relationships.

Researchers say the hormone appears to play a key role in social
bonding and the results may offer new clues about the biological
causes of social disorders in humans like autism.

Hormone Builds Trust

Previous studies have shown that the hormone oxytocin is involved
in preparing mothers for the physical aspects of childbirth, such
as stimulating uterine contractions and breast lactation.

It's also been shown to play a role in social aspects of mating and
reproduction, including the promotion of bonding between mothers
and offspring and between mates.

In this study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy
of Sciences, researchers showed the hormone's receptor may also
facilitate the formation of trust demonstrated through social
bonding. A hormone uses a receptor to bind to a cell and perform
its duties.

The results showed that male and female mice that lacked the
oxytocin receptor had problems forming trust and establishing
normal social relationships.

For example, female mice lacking the oxytocin receptor had
impaired nurturing abilities and were slow to retrieve their pups
when they wandered off.

Male mice lacking the receptor tended to be more aggressive
toward other males and had "social amnesia" when separated and
reintroduced to a female. The males also had less vocalized calls
and a greater tendency to move around and explore.

Researchers say other hormones may sometimes compensate for a
lack of oxytocin, but this hormone appears to play a key role in
social bonding and the formation of trust.


SOURCES: Takayanagi, M. Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences, Oct. 17, 2005 online early edition. News release,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Yes, I beleive this information is being taught at med school now. I know it was in the literature I've read. Women release it during sex, while men dont (that we know of), thus the completely different feelings before and after. Chocolate contains the precursors to oxytocin, so thats right, when a woman describes chocolate as orgasmic, she is probably righter than she knows.


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Chocolate doesn't make me feel happy. It makes me feel guilty and fat. So it's just a woman thing, yeah? If a woman fell head first into a vat of toffee, she'll start screaming in the throes of orgasm?

Are there chocolate flavoured condoms? If not, there bloody well should be.

Hmm. I can sense a gap in the market here. Chocolate condoms, medication that makes your sperm taste of chocolate, chocolate chloroform, chocolate tap water, chocolate sented candles, chocolate car engines, chocolate DIY books, chocolate beer. Wouldn't the world be a better place?

Sorry to hickjack your thread Dreamer. :?

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No no, Martin, you're still completely on-subject. :roll:

I kept reading this as Oxycontin, so I was like what are they on about? "Doc, I don't trust people. Gimmie some of that time-released morphine", or whatever that stuff is.
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