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Figured I might as well start this topic.

Has Trump's presidency aggravated anyone's DP? I had never even heard of DP before Trump and I still blame him for my bad trip on weed that gave me DP back in January 2017. Thoughts?

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i think theres another topic saying trump has increased someones dp

man idk how much u r into politics but maybe take a break from them?

or just dont let the politics bother u

my dad is super into politics and it seems to bug him

but like since obama was president and now trump is

has ur life really changed?

idk it seems like mine has been the same

but saying that

i am young

i dont pay bills

so yh, but dont let it bug u man

unless were going to ww3 then okay

but as of right now

were cool

and it may seem there might be another war starting

shit y not

well all be at war and we wont even think of r dp

might just be a blessing

woo woo

but yh anyways

dont let it bug u

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There was a topic like this in the polls section of the forum.

I know for me my symptoms increase due dramatically the night of the election, and personally, I think there were several reasons for that.

First, I think I was very nervous because he was speaking like an authoritarian and a dictator, and, well, we know what leaders like that can do to people they perceive as different, disabled, or unproductive.

But mostly I think the biggest factor was just how unexpected the results were. The state level polling seemed to assume Hillary would win comfortably in the Electoral College, and as the night rolled on, it became clear that that was way wrong. One of my symptoms most of my life is that I have a certain vision in my head of how events should happen, good or bad, and if events don't work according to expectations, then my psyche gets really turned around and I start questioning everything even more.
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