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As rough and exhausting weeks of therapy are about to end for me, I'm scared of what's coming next. A huge problem which makes my dpdr worse and got me into a deep depression is that I seem to be somewhat unable to retain new information which is needed for me to function. For example; I wasn't able to retain new information for my apprenticeship and failed important exams.
My life is changing drastically in the moment and I understand that this time is rough and makes it harder to study, but I'm scared of what will happen when I go to university instead of continuing my apprenticeship. What if things will be the same as they have been? My main problem with studying is the brain fog, not even a lack of discipline. I thought my antidepressants (SNRI) could help me with this, but they didn't help with this part of dpdr and depression.
Maybe someone on here can help me and tell me about their experiences and what helped.
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