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So i've been living in the city (since my trips around Brazil), and it most definitely sucks. Im not really DP'd any more, but im a bit depressed and frustrated, not getting a job, not having any fresh ideas about any possible life project. All is dull here. Im also living with parents again which is a major castration.

Things I dislike about city-life:

Not seeing the horizon
Not seeing the nightsky
Walking with shoes over asphalt, never touching the earth
Plastic, concrete, screens
Electromagnetic pollution
Noise pollution
Psychological pollution
Monetary system
Charades, falsity, death
Lousy jobs in order to buy things we don't really need
Mass psychology bordering stupidity
Lack of spirituality, or commercialized new age shit

What I like about Brazil (some places ive been to)

The jungle
Rivers with pure water
Tropical fruit
Easy going, lively people
Beautiful colours
The ocean, the beach
The Sun
The music


The plan: escaping from this concrete zoo, and spend time in nature, part time spiritual retreat, part time enjoying the sensual pleasures of life.

Where to:

Either Alto Paraiso (beautiful town with a lot of quartz (pure energy), hills, waterfalls, lakes) /, or alter Do Chao (beautiful town with beach, on the Amazons basin)

Planned activities:

-Taking ayahuasca healing ceremonies, connecting with the divine inside the inner Self
- Taking Temascal ceremonies (simulated re-birth, inside steamed dome-shaped igloos) Very liberating
- Taking other shamanic ceremonies (pipe ceremonies, iboga, peyote, etc)

Hitchhiking, camping, stargazing, horse-riding (if possible), surfing, swimming, walking around barefoot, eating fruits,
dancing, playing music (drums, wind instruments), running, screaming, fishing, hunting (lol), writting, singing, and whatever comes to mind & spirit. Socializing, sharing culture, creating culture, dreaming of a better world and starting actual projects to contribute four our spiritual evolution.

The idea also being that, if someone from the forum decides to join in, we ll help each other so that we overcome this dis-ease. I guess I could be of at least moderate help! And well, it will be nice to meet people who are going through same. And work together, im sure we're all very intelligent and capable beings here, we just are too sensitive and need a lot of emotional support in order to shine through and be our best. So we could create a space were we can all feel free to express ourselves and construct good relationships, so that we can manifest our wills and be the creative, innovative and revolutionary persons we want to be in this world =)
I really believe that we are gifted, and with our gift comes the responsibility to nurture it and to manifest it. However we live in a world that does not welcome people who are "out of the standard deviation", so we were forced to shut us out of our true self.

Anyway, I most likely gonna go, im fed up here. No change will come if I don't take a first big initial step out. Its sometimes hard to "break- up" with your loved ones, but sometimes you just need to leave in search of your destiny/self.

So, anyone interested, please post, or pm! I'm thinking Dicember/January, I might even go now in November.

ps. Please don't post about how you disagree with taking ayahausca/ibogaine, or about travelling on your own if you're dp. Just post if you're up for it, or if you have any ideas, or would like to make a constructive comment, etc.

there's no discrimination about age and/or background. Anyone willing to do a serious work with shamanism and nature as a way to face fears and connect with your inner self, while socializing and hopefully making friends with people going through same, is more than welcome.

you can post here or pm if you rather keep it more private

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Abraxas, I wish I could go with you. You sound like an intelligent fun spiritual person that I can surely connect with, and have tons of crazy adventures with. And besides that my intuition tells me that ayahuasca is the way to go (for me). But I can't leave my job, and I also have other things that prevent me from going.

I travelled 4 times to Brazil already, but never heard of these places you mentioned. Probably because I visited the touristic places, and not the non familiar villages. I love Brazil, it's my favorite country in the world. Beautiful language, amazing coastline, the friendliest happiest people on earth.. Dude, I wish I could go

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Hope you have a great journey in Brazil, I was there twice this year and also to Peru for ayahuasca journeys which really helped open me up and purify my mind. I got rid of my DP with another plant medicine, Iboga, before that and it was a beautiful next step to re-integrate into life and my passions.

I MIGHT be going to the world cup in brazil if I get enough money together with my old coworker, who is brazilian, staying in sao paolo brazil in his apartment and ima go with this salvadoran girl and Panamanian girl aswell and I would be interested in going with some fellow dp'ers too if yall would be interested too

so excited I am gonna root for spain and mexico hells yea!

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It took me over 1.5 years to realize this dream.... But I'm going to Peru and Brazil next week!!!

Please, whoever reads these lines, make a tiny prayer for me so I can find a cure to my DP somewhere in the Amazon jungle. I feel like Frodo traveling to mount doom to liberate his soul...

Anyone here for the trip of their lifetime?
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