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Trigger warning : breathing issues and obsession

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It started when I drank one day and the next day felt like I couldn’t get enough air . I got anxiety over this , went away and didn’t think too much of it. I felt like I couldn’t get enough air again and started panicking more. Last night I tried to sleep and felt like I stopped breathing and had a panic attack and now I can’t stop trying to control my breathing my chest even hurts. I don’t know what to do and put this on dp because something similar happened one time when I had it and I got it the next day after the panic attack. Any help? Graduations coming up. I just want a clean state of mind.
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This is classic anxiety, you have nothing to worry about. You cannot die from not breathing, your body knows how to breathe automatically you're just not letting it, absolute worst thing that can happen is you will pass out and begin breathing automatically then wake up, this didn't happen to me once and I had this breathing obsession for a whole month.

Distract yourself, do some exercise to get your body to breathe automatically, and most importantly put it in your head that you are not suffocating, it is physically impossible for you to suffocate from anxiety.

What's actually happening is that instead of not breathing enough, you're breathing too much. The feeling of being out of breath is an illusion, trust me you will never suffocate, I can't stress this enough. Probably one of your biggest fear is that you will be stuck breathing like this forever right? That was my biggest fear, never going to happen! I had this for 1 WHOLE MONTH and here I am reading your post and I am breathing normally.

Also, caffeine makes this feeling 100x worse so try to stay away from it until you get your anxiety under control.
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