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Sorry for my meds questions!!!

Can Tricyclics at low doses (ex. Anafranil) and SSRI (ex. Zoloft) go together w/o problems and complications?

Just a question, like that :oops:

Cynthia xxx

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Yes, Cynthia. Actually, Zoloft and Anafranil are frequently used together as adjunct therapy. They seem to complement each other. And to answer a question from another thread, the Anafranil really seemed to diminsh my DP and DR. And it also helps with panic attacks, although I didnt have them very often. It can be kind of sedating, and that really keeps your mind from bouncing all around. As far as the memory is concerned, I dont remember that it affected mine too badly...but thats just me. So maybe you can try them both at once, and see if they help you sort through your troubles in therapy as well. Its just my opinion that when there is something strongly biological going on, you have to bring their mind to the point where talk therapy will actually be of any benefit. In my opinion, DP, and especially DR, are strongly biological.


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Also, re said you were concerned because everyone you know takes only an ssri.....and you thought that meant that Anafranil (or any tricyclic) was bad, or dangerous or something.

Totally untrue.

The drug companies and the docs are just INTO ssri's right now..they're topical, they are the drug du jour.

Back when I was ill (before electricity) all we had were tricyclics..I took Elavil for many years...with no problems at all. Dreamer also took a tricyclic...anyone from that era took them. They're nothing to fear at all.


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Ok but...

Now I am complelely fucked up. Because I took Zoloft 1 year ago, and felt very dissociated (more than ususal) and confusion what to a point that I never imagined to take the bus (well I took it a 50 mg, then I thought really I was loosing my mind. 2 D vision, etc. I was not there at all. It's my memory on Zoloft. And it didn't help for those questions about who I am, etc. But...... I took it 5 weeks..... but I couln't upgrade to 50 mg so whats the point. Never helped for dissociation. And for depression, it helped a bit, but not so much, I wasn't even on a therapeutic dosage.

Paxil was giving me headaches (but now I have huge ones too!) and withdrawal symptoms but I am not there anymore. Jst want to be stable on a med. Maybe I will return on it. Damned me, but I think this med worked the best for me so fr (if I compare Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Effexor, Remeron, Zoloft).

And for I reson I don't know, I can't have just anti-anxiety. It's making nothing for me in terms of anxiety.

ONLY PAxil did help with it because I just didn't care about that.

It'snot the cure but maybe I can stabilise.... then after add Anafranil or Lamictal, who knows? If this med workds, I will be the first to ask it!!!

C xxx

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Another question : Why, after taking remeron 15 for the first time, I got soo weak I had to sleep NOW (7 h 30), and I had trouble sleeping, like I had apnea, and dilated pupils. After 3 days, still having weakness in my muscles, dilated pupils, and mild apnea.

Doc concluded is was not for me.

What do you think?

Cynthia xxx
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