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Travel with chronic DP/ me struggle my way around the world!

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Hi guys - I wanted to post here to offer a little bit of hope and maybe some inspiration.

I've suffered from chronic DP and DR (every second of every day) for the last 13 years. Complete hell on earth.

I want to show you that you CAN still have a life worth living.

I've been travelling whenever I can and pushing myself as much as possible out of my comfort zone for around 6 years.

Follow my adventures...

Every trip is hard (really hard) and I never think I'll be able to cope. So far I've proved myself right a few times, but the experiences I've taken away from these adventures make me happy every day.

At one point I was housebound for two years straight due to these terrifying symptoms. Last summer I spent an entire month wandering through the streets of Paris. Before that I went hiking in the French Alps and saw Mont Blanc.


Check out my site - and PLEASE let me know what I could write that will help you. I can't do recovery stories because I haven't reached recovery. But I can write about living regardless of this condition.
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That's beautiful!!
And I love that "feel the fear and do it anyway"
Keep going !! :)
question : how did you feel when you were presented with a new environment? like did your symptoms get worse ? because i traveled home and ive noticed my symptoms to be worse.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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