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From an essay on trauma by someone called Janneke. Sounds like DP to me...

Consequences of trauma

The prevention of personal processing of the experience also suppresses the exchange of dialogue in the basic existential relationships. The weakening of the four basic existential dimensions affects the existential process as follows:

1. The experience destroys the feeling that a genuine, effective life would be possible in the world. The basis for the being a part of the world is lost. The loss of the relationship to the world results in a changed and weakened experience of one's own physical being.

2. Another consequence is the blockade in the internal resonance during the experience. The capacity for sensitive feeling is restricted; the emotional connection to the values appears to be torn away. This removes the vital reference in experience by which a feeling of time comes into the experience. This is virtually eliminated in traumatized persons - there is no structure of consecutive processes, the trauma is always present.

3. The experience blocks the internalization of and internal opposition to the terrifying experience. Because of its overdimensional aspect it prevents real consideration and consciousness. Therefore, a personal "implementation" of the occurrence and integrative measures do not occur. The experience remains "outside", distant from the ego, must not become one's own and must not become a part of one's existence.

4. Because of the contents of the impression of continuously new overwhelming, paralysing memories and also because of the weakened personal-existential structures there is no outlook that will open a view to a future worth living. The frame in which life is now confined is like a desert, with no horizon of values or a development that would give one a purpose.
The trauma explodes all these interactions with the basic dimensions of existence that give a structure in a type of "existential basic dissociation" (which then continues repetitively as if in a fugue). The four fundamental existential references are blocked; such a world is no longer bearable; a life of this type loses its attractive force and warmth; a person has become a stranger to himself and no longer finds access to himself; and also not to a world in which the most valuable can be destroyed at any time and unforeseeably in the worst possible way. A future of this type is not constructive, it does not contain reasonable becoming and growth.
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