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Top 8 Mistakes DP/DRers make :)

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I am the first one who never believed in psychological therapies and I will always be sceptical about most of them, BUT DP/DR IS EXCEPTION.

The Holy Grail Of Curing DP/DR really literally solves beats DP/DR completely, yes, to a point where you literally can't even remember what DP/DR used to feel like, but instead you just remember it as "something that felt awfully awkward and awkwardly awful".

Here is my personal opinion on the top 8 mistakes that DP/DR people make when trying to cure their DP/DR:

1.Not getting physically examined.

Get your blood/stool/urine/skin/amino acids/minerals/vitamins/hormons tests done!!!! at least 40% of my DP/DR was due to Lysine and Zinc deficiency.

For many it was Sleep Apnea that caused it entirely or for the most part.

2.Neglecting other mental disorders that may have caused DP/DR in the first place (DP/DR is nothing but a branch of anxiety).

Visit a psychiatrist and of course always seek for a natural solution first and then if it doesn't work, take your psychiatrist's advice.

3.Not creating conditions for healing DP/DR.

You can't expect to not be anxious at least on a subconscious level if you have some serious life problems. First solve them all and then once fine with your life, beating DP/DR is actually very easy. As long as you have some serious, severe life problems that really bother you your anxiety will always reoccur for sure and in turn possibly even provoke DP/DR again.

4.Not enough sleep or poor sleeping patterns.

Just as it's mentioned in The Holy Grail Of Curing DP/DR, 8 hours of sleep is the best, because it is not too much but not too little either. Lay as early as you can.

If you notice that daytime naps trigger DP/DR, avoid them (for me daytime naps were the number 1 trigger and for some others they actually helped, so determine on your own).

5.Feeling guilty/anxious about beign relaxed. (this was my biggest misatke :D)

Thoughts like these - "Oh should I really relax at a time like this!? Or should I perhaps relax a bit more!? Oh wait! What if I relax too much!?" will only put your attention back on DP/DR and will make you more anxious.

RELAX!!! Being at peace never brought any harm to anyone, you can be sure about that.

I know I know it is kind of hard to calm down with all those worries, but trust me, your body and mind will start picking up the calm mindset with the time.

It's one of those things that is very hard to start, but once you slip into the first "calm day" it will gradually become easier and easier, then the time will iron it all out and once out of DP/DR, you'll be thinking - "how the heck did I manage to feel that way in the first place?!" :)

6.Spending too much time alone in your room in front of your PC.

This doesn't mean you should get freaked out if you worked for 8 hours on your PC (I am into CG and IT myself) or if you played some Final Fantasy/Command And Conquer like games for couple of hours (come on, those franchises are way too awesome! :D) it is ok, it just means that you should GO OUTSIDE SOMETIMES FOR CHRIST SAKE! :D Refresh contacts with your friends, make new friends, pick good people as your friends, get rid of bad "friends", be a good person, fall in love etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although it is not something you should be freaked about, the speed of your recovery definitely depends on how much you avoid being alone and spending time on surfing and reading creepy stories like ours :D

7.Being a crybaby about a relapse or a bad day.

I am the sorest loser you will EVER MEET. PERIOD. Yet I learned to be fine with occasional relapses which helped me soooo much. These days I don't even remember when those relapses have happened.

8.Thinking about DP/DR, then thinking about thinking about DP/DR, then thinking about what your dog who's name is Bob btw (did I guess? :D) thinks about you having DP/DR while playing Red Alert 2 and would he bite you if he knew that you were using dog units as a cannon fodder in the game...then getting anxious about it all and then get depressed about being anxious and then getting angry about feeling all of that again and then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I hope you see the pattern :)

So just think less, and live more! Everything is going to be fine, and no, Bob is not going to bite you :)

Just for the record, I never went to a psychiatrist and never took ANY drugs. I suspect I have severe ADHD yet I have still beat my DP/DR completely, though I still have some anxiety but that's due to a huge life problem that I have, but I know that I'll solve that one just as I solved all the other ones so far!

So that's it, that was my personal opinion and I hope I didn't bore you with such a long post. In case I later realize that I miss some of the common mistakes I'll make sure to add it! :)

Greetings from Serbia! ;)
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I have to say, it really helps knowing someone could have that obsession badly for a long time and still get better. :)
Yeah, whats getting me is that the anxiety is finally starting to subside, but I still feel doubt. I understand #5, im afraid ill end up believing the thought, as when you try to disprove it you never can satisfactorily without another 'what if' coming up. So you said you finally accepted things may not be real, and yet you didn't end up ''feeling' they were if that makes sense?
The hardest part is it actually feels like ive lost my family some way. Ill be with my mom and dad, and it just doesn't feel like they are really there, so I feel extremely lonely. This is the hardest part to accept, but did you go through this? And when its better does it feel like you get your loved ones back?
Loza, I can tell you the level of fear definetly subsides if you don't fight it. Ive had this for awhile, I was like a panicked maniac, now im just slightly anxious, and I don't even feel that all the time. Im still battling the depression, but from experience, if you let the thought sit, no matter how bad it feels without trying to disprove or make it 'right' your brain will eventually stop giving the fear response to it.
Oh yeah, I still do as im not recovered yet. But yes im doing the erp therapy myself. Its hard and doesn't happen quickly, but I figure if the thoughts no longer make you sad or afraid ypu should just stop thinking them eventually.
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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