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Too good vision!!!!!!-argh

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Just went to the optometrist, to do a test.... I was sure I would have to have glasses (yepee), I was full of hope.. because with glasses I feel less anxious...

Guess what.... DP/DR isn't related AT ALL to floaters, or bad vision. I had more than excellent vision, a bit of hyperopia, that means I am +0,50, it seems I see more than normal. It seems to be not that usual, some cops have this kind of vision (she said).

I should be happy, I am argh.......

No easy solution for me.

Cynthia xxx
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Gimpy. I like how you said your vision has poor concentration. Good way to put it.
Before I found out about what I had (dp/dr vision), I went to the eye docs often hoping for glasses or answers. Always so strange to hear my vision was 20-15....eagle vision.
So strange to have beter than normal vision and have your view look blurry and hazy all too often.
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