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Too aware of the process of falling asleep.

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Here's the deal: I'm too aware of the process of falling asleep.
I've been for a couple months. It's getting better as time goes by, and as my DP slowly (very, very, veeeery slowly mind you) goes away, and now I only have it a couple nights a week, but if anyone has any tips in how to get rid of this I'd be so, so grateful!
It's just absolutely annoying to deal with...I can never have nice sleep because of it.
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That sounds rough.

You could try melatonin. I've heard that's pretty good for falling asleep.

Maybe working out during the day could exhaust you enough later on too.

Just some thoughts! :)
Thanks for the advice. I'll try!

I just think that its probably because I'm so aware of absolutely everything. It's so annoying.
Its called Insomnia
If it were insomnia I'd be having trouble falling asleep, but I don't. I'm just aware of the process of falling asleep.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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