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Tom Servo, please check your PM box :)

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2 messages from me there.
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I was just looking with great amusement at the number of views this had. In fact, until I saw that number, I'd never bothered to look at it, and it's my message!

I'm trying to think of a really clever, witty ulteriour motive, full of intrigue (in other words a big lie) as to why we'd be writing off-line behind everyone's back. I like Janine's idea; let's see what I come up with. Tune in next time for "Tom Servo, please check your PM box:)".
Yeah, but with an unreal person, so it's OK. At least I think I'm unreal...
sebastian said:
enngirl5 said:
I was just wondering who Tom Servo is. I've read this message probably three times to see if Dreamer found him.
Tom Servo is a man beyond all comprehension. Tom Servo is the Yin and the Yang. The alpha and the omega. The Snap, Crackle, and Pop. The taste of the new generation. The real thing.

Tom Servo, Tom Servo, Tom's a name that rolls off the tongue, that excites the intellect...

He's that first drink of the night...the last splash of sun at dusk...that fading sadness at dawn.

Tom Servo is a dual-processing, 100 terabit CPU with integrated AI and self-cooling silicon slipperiness...a legend of a man in his own time. He's the word on your tongue...the dream you forgot...that last bit of honey in an empty teapot.

Tom Servo isn't so much a man as an idea. A concept. Something to aspire to. Something to strive for.

Enngirl, you ask who Tom Servo is...look in the mirror. There's a little Tom Servo in all of us.

And yet he STILL has derealization! Go figure. Maybe it's the part about being an idea instead of a man.

Hey, and Ennigirl, would you please quit looking at me through the other side if my mirror! It's making it hard to shave.
Martinelv said:
Tom, are you and dreamer having a bit-on-the side ? If so, I demand a show-down. Kippers ready at dawn. And be warned, this contest will be a foregone conclusion. I am the inter-galactic kipper slapping champion. could you. :(
Damn, we missed a great opportunity; I was in England just three weeks ago. Oh well, guess I'll just have to come back.

Wasn't there a Monty Python sketch about kipper-slapping?

Man, now I'm really hungry! Why'd you have to go and mention kippers?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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