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Tom Cruise pissed me off

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After hearing what Tom Cruise said during an interview on NBC with Matt Lauer, I lost total respect for that bastard. Stating that psychiatry is a "pesudo science" and that Brook Shields' post partum depression could have been easiily remedied with some vitamins and a little exercise is such BS. Hey Tom, stick to your beautiful sunglasses and hair and"over photoshoped" high action, lame-plotted movies.

I wonder how Brook Shields must have felt after that remark.

That prick couldnt last a minute with the DR/DP lots of us have.

Sorry, I had to bring this up.

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true, but remember, it's not like the two above articles present any counter-evidence to the contrary. in fact, we hardly even get an argument. what we get is it the same accusation asserted over and over. sounded a bit polemical, as conspiracy theories often do. my instincts tell me the truth lies somewhere in the middle.
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