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Tom Cruise pissed me off

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After hearing what Tom Cruise said during an interview on NBC with Matt Lauer, I lost total respect for that bastard. Stating that psychiatry is a "pesudo science" and that Brook Shields' post partum depression could have been easiily remedied with some vitamins and a little exercise is such BS. Hey Tom, stick to your beautiful sunglasses and hair and"over photoshoped" high action, lame-plotted movies.

I wonder how Brook Shields must have felt after that remark.

That prick couldnt last a minute with the DR/DP lots of us have.

Sorry, I had to bring this up.

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Don't take Tom Cruise too serious. After all, these are comments from a man who endorses the religion of Scientology, founded by L Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer who told his followers that he was astral-projected to the Van Allen belts; the rings around Saturn. According to Scientology, the reason that there's so much mental anguish on this earth is because thousands of years ago, aliens came to earth and abducted humans and kept them inside of volcanoes. When these volcanoes erupted all of the prisoners died and their souls, or Thethans as scientologists label them, are possessing humans to this day. Yeah right Tom Cruise ....whoooop teeee doooooo
Just to show you how sneaky and surreptitiously Scientology operates; staying true to their litigious tactics of enaging in marathon legal battles, the Cult Awereness Network went bankrupt after numerous legal challenges by the church of Scientology. They then proceeded to by the name Cult Awareness Network!!!! Whenever somebody needed help getting out of a cult and would call the Cult Awareness Network, they were calling the Curch of Scientology. Yes....a real honest forthcoming organization. Talk about invasion of the body snatchers.
Psychiatry a total sham? Exists because of a hugh money making machine? There are many people who beg to differ, since psychaitry has helped untold numbers of people with all sorts of mental conditions. Is medicine a total sham since a lot of cancer patients still die when diagnosed with cancer at an early stage? I agree that there are some who've had negative experiences with psychiatrists; I also know people who've had negative experiences with their primary care physicians.
I live in Clearwater Florida, headquarters of Scientology. Having talked to many ex members, and some current followers, I can only say that it is a complete brainwash gimmick with one goal in get your $$$$$$. Sea Org, Dead-Agenting, etc.....I've got some good inside scoop on these clowns. I was tempted to check it out because they've got some young hotties walking around their headquarters from all over the world, but you probably have to fill out a form divulging all of your information before you can take them out on a date.
Person 3-- not to get off the subject, but I agree with you. Tom Cruise has always struck me as a Flaming Queen. Whenever I see him I get this urge to listen to Barry Manilow or the Village People. just love to take the bait don't ya??? It was all meant as a tongue-in-cheeck cheap shot. We love all people here; Flaming Queens, Chinamen, politicians, French, but by God allmighty...I sure as heck hate those people who feel the need to conduct six different transactions at an ATM, taking up my precious time!!!
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